Weekend in Venice

So what’s the best thing to do before a major move? Run away! But really, it’s a great way to give yourself a break from the stress. So the weekend before our big move we drove out to the Venice area of Los Angeles, for some much needed relaxation with our sister Lissette…

By relaxation I of course mean eating as much pasta and Mexican food as possible. This is easily done when your bestie’s birthday dinner is going down at Union Pasadena and your sister is the sous chef at LA’s second hottest restaurant, Felix…if you haven’t been…GO!

Now back to our adventure. Erik and I set off early Friday morning, and I was particularly excited to get to LA to pick up my brand new 2017 BMW X6 from THE CAR GUY, Fadi Zaya of The Zaya Group. However, our plans took us to opposite ends of Los Angeles, so right when we got into town I put Erik in an UBER to Huntington Beach and I met up with Fadi in Beverly Hills before heading to Pasadena for dinner.

This is my 4th car from Fadi and the experience is PERFECT! 10 minutes, several signatures and voila I was on my way in my new car…that I must note is my favorite car yet!! I love the color, the tech, the ride and hot DAMN she fast! Let me take you for a ride, trust…you will love it!

Becky aka @HeyBeccaHey, is one of my favorite humans…so being in town for her birthday was a special treat for me because I love her so god damn much. In celebration of her birth, I intruded on an intimate dinner with Becky and two of my other favorite ladies Beth (if you live in LA and need your makeup done look her up) and Jen (the BEST florist in LA)! I never give Pasadena enough credit. The food scene there is INSANE!!! Union Pasadena has the BEST homemade burrata (it’s listed as Housemade Stracciatella on their menu) I have ever had and a myriad of delicious homemade pastas. I loved every bite and will be taking Erik next time we are in town.

After dinner I was the DD driving three drunk ladies home as we all sang crappy 90s songs as off key as possible…it was truly splendid. Then it was time to hop back in the car and head off to Venice to meet up with Erik and see the seeeester! OMG her new place is so adorable and conveniently located next to a bomb taco truck…because why wouldn’t I eat that after an enormous Italian meal?

Saturday was glorious! We spent the entire day with Lissette!! Dropped by the Raden pop-up at The Grove, which was an automatic stop at Ladurée for some macarons and my second croissant of the day! Then it was time to head back to Venice for boardwalk goodness and a crappy mani-pedi, complete with a creepy guy staring at all our feet.

A highlight of the trip was dinner! We were joined by our cousin Stacy and her fiance Johnathan for a fancy feast at Felix. Have to take a moment to say thank you to the entire team there. It was hands down one of the best meals we have ever had. Every single thing there was a 10!!! From the service, to the menu, to the drinks….nothing was left to chance. IF YOU ARE IN LA GET YOUR ASS TO FELIX IN VENICE. You are welcome in advance!!

After dinner I was ready to put on my sweats and be 33, but Erik wasn’t having that so we changed and made our way to WEHO for pride shenanigans. Partied with some of our favorite people, danced till 4am and made it home just in time to get a moment of sleep. We somehow managed to wake up on time and even made a bakery/deli run before heading back home to AZ.