Valentine’s Day x L’Auberge de Sedona


Erik and I celebrated Valentine’s Day early this year with a romantic getaway! We grabbed the boys and escaped to Sedona to stay at one of the most spectacular resorts I have ever seen. Nestled on the banks of Oak Creek, L’Auberge de Sedona provides the best of both worlds, the remote tranquility of Sedona balanced with superlative luxury one would expect from the finest properties in Manhattan or London. No details are overlooked, and while there is endless natural beauty surrounding L’Auberge de Sedona, you could have an incredible vacation without ever taking a step off the property…which is basically what we did.

The staff are both friendly and knowledgeable, making every aspect of your stay feel effortless. Our room was full of welcome gifts, charcuterie for us and gourmet treats, bedding and toys for the boys. Our two bedroom cottage was so comfortable and charming, definitely loved our fireplace…I loved it even more when we were eating mind blowing desserts in front of it in our PJs!


Needless to say we all made ourselves right at home, even the boys! It can be challenging at times to travel with pets, but thankfully the staff cleaned the room around our dog walking schedule. I love bringing the dogs with us because it forces you to really explore the property….and this one was just breathtaking. Lush landscaping pairs beautifully against the natural features, especially the creek which flows along the edge of the resort.

The feeling of being submerged in nature was further enhanced by our trip to L’Apothecary where we made our own body scrubs. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was actually a lot of fun and I love the scrub I made for myself. Everything about the resort feels, tastes and smells like the best of the best, this was no exception.

Speaking of tastes and smells, the food was some of the BEST I’ve ever had. From a perfect cappuccino, to a fabulous breakfast spread on our cottage’s terrace…to true fine dining, we were blown away. My favorite meal was our romantic dinner for two, complete with fabulous wine pairings. It was incredible. When you dine at Cress on Oak Creek sit creek-side, if the weather won’t allow it ask for a booth and prepare for a culinary adventure. The preparations are executed flawlessly, with pairings that are thought out and delicious. I will definitely be coming back to continue exploring the delectable fare.

I couldn’t recommend this resort more highly. We had the perfect romantic getaway. L’Auberge de Sedona provided the perfect intimate setting for us to pamper ourselves and each other. Can’t wait for our next visit. Make it a priority to celebrate your love!



It’s 2017! A new year and an entirely new chance to find a solid resolution – why not make yours to be more stylish? Switch up your look by finding new ways to wear your favorite pair of Skechers with Samuel Anthony of The Frenchy Toast.

3bAs editor of The Frenchy Toast, my goal is to keep men’s fashion simple. I strive to provide men with tools to help them integrate the latest trends into their daily lives. I am thrilled to partner with Skechers to share tips on achieving the perfect street style look.

4aMy business partner, Erik Velasquez (AKA @CasualFridaze51) and I  partnered with photographer Natalie Miller to shoot these looks in downtown Phoenix. Although Erik and I shoot each other every week, it was exciting for us to both be in front of the camera. It sounds crazy, but it was actually our first time…

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2016 was an incredible year for us personally and professionally. We jumped head first into blogging, while simultaneously refining our business. The most exciting part of this adventure by far has been all of the traveling and when it came to planning our New Year’s Eve it was no different. After brief deliberation we decided on San Francisco… Erik had never been and some of our closest friends live there. PLUS a few LA homies were down to meet us to sprinkle some cheer on our NYE.

We flew into town a day early to play tourists for a night. Our friends over at Pier 2620 were nice enough to host us in one of their impeccably appointed suites. We knew it was going to be magical when we were greeted with freshly baked treats, champagne and other goodies. Furthermore, the rooms ARE STUNNING…check the shots above! I mean, we were ready to move in.

Aside from the glorious decor, the hotel delivered a SOLID breakfast. If you’ve been to San Francisco you know that traversing the city involves lots of walking uphill, so you do not want to skimp on the most important meal of the day. As you can see above we clearly didn’t take any chances. The irony is that for all my dramatic apprehension about extensive walks uphill, the Fisherman’s Warf, our first stop, was only two blocks away. This was a must-see for us as Erik loves wildlife and there is an awesome display of seals basking in their splendor while soaking up the sun.

There is so much to see in SF, and although it is ranked one of the most expensive cities in the country, you can see a lot of cool sh*t without paying a penny. We hiked up to the Bernal Heights Summit, stared blankly at the “Full House” house, and drank champagne with our girls (hey girl heyyyyyy) at The Palace of Fine Arts. The overall highlight of the trip was hands down our friend’s NYE party. At the ripe age of 32 I had forgotten the simple perfection of a good old fashioned house party. We drank, we danced, we sang…twas wunderbaar…and I loved our outfits. Nothing says fancy like bombers, baseball caps and button ups. It was our 3rd New Year’s celebration together and I look forward to many more. Happy New Year Y’All!